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Nov. 10th, 2008

Those of you who are crazy enough to still read my journal, I'm moving.  Too much emo in this journal I'd say.

Relocate yerselves @ sheepywrath 

So shameless it hurts

A World of Dreams

Welcome to Utopia City, the city of dreams. Located on thirty miles of land, it combines the quaint charm of Victorian-age architecture with some of the more modern amenities that we have grown unable to live without. Completely surrounded on all sides by impassable desert land, it is hard to say just what secrets can be found within the sands, or what sort of flora (if any) and fauna call it home.

This brings us to our next point of attention. Not all people and creatures inside and outside of Utopia City are nice, and there are some truly evil beings lurking in the shadows. While the city is a hustling and bustling metropolis during the day, it shuts down abruptly at night, shortly after night fall. The reason for this is quite simple; there is a darkness in this city, known to have attacked and killed many of those that have been found wandering alone at night. Known as the Reaper, it is hard to say whether or not it is something of myth or reality, but those souls who have gone off in search of this killer have been known to return in fear of what they’ve seen—if they even truly remember… that is, if they even return at all.

Still, despite this tyrant running rampant at night, the city is watched over and well taken care of by an odd sort of citizen. Known as Slimes, they seem to have been around for quite some time, and if you strike up a conversation, you’ll find out a whole magnitude of information on how they built the city from the ground up. Their mayor, a jovial jelly by the name of King Slime, is an active member of society, wishing nothing more than to keep the general populous happy, all the while keeping them safe from the various threats that may befall them, as well as any troublemakers that, well, cause trouble in his beloved town. Befuddled by the recent appearance of creatures other than the rather cute blobs of slime, he has accommodated for them as best as he can. Providing the new residents—who seem to strangely enough have no sort of recollection of who they are (other than a simple name) or where they are from—with a place to live and a way to communicate with each other, he does his best to make this city once only occupied by the cute yet viscous creatures a home for them.

Visited in dreams by strange visions of what could possibly be their past lives, it would seem however that the longer that people stay in Utopia City, the more that they are inclined to stop trying to return from which they came; it would seem that there is no immediate escape from there, and all those who have tried have found nothing but sand, only to be returned by the slimes. Which brings us to the true question: is Utopia City truly the peaceful paradise it boasts that it is, or is it something a little more sinister?
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Jul. 15th, 2008

So okay, not sure just how many people are gonna read and respond to this little post, but I thought that I'd give it a try.

I've been in such a Sailor Moon mood as of late, it's really weird.  A series I really haven't put much thought into after I finished PGSM about a year and a half ago, and suddenly it comes up again.  The randomness of it all.  Anyway, I almost feel like running an RPG over LJ for it, but I'm a little apprehensive on the whole thing; I've tried to run role-plays over LJ before only to see them crash and burn due to inactivity.  I absolutely HATE (hatehatehate) multi or pan-fandom role-plays with a passion, since it always feels awkward to me having so many different genres and series intermingling together.  The only somewhat exception to this has been Moogle Island, which I've been in and out of since the beginning of the year (they just can't get rid of me xD).

So I have two possible ideas that have been circling around my head: either doing a continuation of Pretty Guardian Sailormoon and introducing either Chibiusa or the outers, or doing something completely AU/OC.  I don't know which would draw more of a crowd and, hopefully with it, dedicated players.  Not sure if this is gonna bait and hook anyone, but any thoughts on the matter?

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Yeah, take that writer's block!  That's a big "F--- YOU!" from Sheepy right there!

F-- you!


Selling a few things in order to help pay for a trip to Washington DC this summer with a choir I am in.  If you would like pictures of said items, let me know.

Shipping will not be figured into these prices (although I've been known to be talked down quite a bit on shipping charges).  If you are interested, please leave a message here and we'll negotiate price.  Thanks so much!  <33


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